Wild Ride

What is Wild Ride?

Wild Ride is an up-to-the-minute, no-agenda assessment of Alberta’s rapidly evolving provincial scene.

Developed by journalist Paul McLoughlin and pollster Janet Brown, it weaves political insight with proprietary polling.

The Presentation

Paul McLoughlin and Janet Brown deliver a dynamic, in-person presentation examining Alberta’s evolving political scene. Wild Ride uses current polling data to explain today’s political environment and to develop possible future scenarios. It also includes the “story behind the numbers,” providing context for how and why the current political environment exists and how it could affect your organization.

Janet and Paul discuss:

  • Who’s who in government,
  • What policy changes you can expect and when,
  • Current political party support,
  • Party leader approval,
  • Economic confidence, and
  • The likelihood and consequences of several political scenarios.

The Annual Subscription

Organizations purchasing the Wild Ride presentation have the option of upgrading to an annual subscription, which provides a year of regular updates with the latest polling numbers and analysis.

Omnibus Questions

Wild Ride subscribers have the option of adding their own proprietary questions to the Wild Ride questionnaire at a very low cost. Data from proprietary questions are only shared with the clients who commission them, and this data can be cross-tabulated with other Wild Ride questions (including voter preference and leader approval).

The Wild Ride Team

Paul McLoughlin

Paul McLoughlin has been a keen observer and analyst of Alberta politics since 1983 when he became a member of the Alberta Legislature Press Gallery.

In 1993 he formed Word of Mouth Communications, which publishes Alberta Scan, a weekly newsletter about Alberta politics. Alberta Scan is read by a broad section of federal, provincial and local politicians and bureaucrats, by industry associations, by media outlets and others looking for current, in-depth political information.

An active broadcaster, Paul is a Thursday morning fixture on CBC Radio in both Calgary and Edmonton where he has had a weekly column about Alberta politics since 1993.

Paul provides in-depth political monitoring and analysis to a diverse cross section of Alberta organizations.

Paul McLoughlin
Word of Mouth Communications
womcom [at] shaw.ca

Janet Brown

Janet Brown has been examining and tracking public opinion in Alberta for more than 25 years.

In 2002, she founded Janet Brown Opinion Research, focused on providing Alberta-based public affairs and marketing research solutions to all levels of government and private sector clients.

Janet is often invited to speak about political and social trends, and is frequently asked to remark on issues of the day by the news media. She is co-author of a chapter in “Orange Chinook: Politics in the New Alberta,” which examines polling accuracy during the 2015 Alberta election

Janet Brown
Janet Brown Opinion Research
planetjanet [at] shaw.ca

Wild Ride brochure

Download the Wild Ride brochure here (tri-fold format).



To book a presentation or order a subscription, contact Janet or Paul.

Insights You Can Trust

Together with Trend Research, Janet Brown conducted the only poll during the 2019 Alberta provincial election with results that were within the margin of error for all political parties.

This is especially noteworthy because Alberta is a difficult jurisdiction in which to poll, with polling firms tending to underestimate conservative support during both provincial and federal elections (find out more about this in Janet’s chapter in the book “Orange Chinook: Politics in the New Alberta”).

For the full report on this poll, including methodology and detailed tables, click here: March 2019 Election Poll