Janet delivers insights you can trust.​

With over 25 years of experience in polling and marketing research, she has developed a knack for asking the right people the right questions.

Based in Calgary, Janet Brown Opinion Research specializes in designing research projects that give clients a clear understanding of the audiences and stakeholders they want to influence. For some clients, this could include customers, potential customers, or employees. For other clients, it could include members, voters or the general public.

Together with Trend Research, Janet Brown conducted the only poll during the 2019 Alberta provincial election with results that were within the margin of error for all political parties across every region in Alberta.

For the full report on this poll, including methodology and detailed tables, click here:

Janet Brown has her finger on the pulse of public opinion. ​

This is especially noteworthy because Alberta is a difficult jurisdiction in which to poll, with polling firms tending to underestimate conservative support during both provincial and federal elections. Find out more about this in Janet’s chapter in the book Orange Chinook: Politics in the New Alberta